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Milfs Like It Big presents: Busty Milf welcomes the newest big cock in the neighbourhood

Scene Title: Welcoming the Neighbors

Storyline: Alexis wanted to welcome the neighbors and find out if the husband had a big cock just like the rest of the neighborhood. Her friend tagged along to take the wife out of the picture. Once the wife wasn't there Alexis used her Spanish flavor to get Keiran's big cock... Keiran couldn't resist so he fucked her really hard...
Milf: Alexis Amore
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What people are saying about: Alexis Amore - Welcoming the Neighbors milfslikeitbig scene

Comment #1

BiV_aka_funkdoc said: The setup here was good, something different. Then the sex was fucking hot as hell. It's no secret how I think A. Amore is unbelievably sexy, and it was long overdue for her to take a pounding from Keiran, and he did hold up his end of the bargain. Her performance was great cuz he really gave it to her, and the camerawork was really good too; especially the far-away shot from upstairs. These too had some crazy positions going on as well. My take on the pile-driver - it's okay, but it went on for a good 5 minutes here, and I think that's too long. Maybe 2-3 minutes is sufficient. Great milfs like it big scene.

Comment #2

robb201 said: I've given this girl numerous chances, but I just can't get into her at all. I think she's ugly. The scenario itself was good except for the beginning. In the house she asked "Does he have a big cock?" and then by the curb she said, "I hope he has a big cock like the previous neighbor." It was just stupid having it in the scene. Some of the camera angles were shitty, especially the one from above during the pile driver. I think this milfs like it big scene would have been better having the wife being seduced by the girls after helping her carry some boxes to their master bedroom upstairs. Then they present her with the fact that they saw her husbands big cock while bending over to pick up the boxes. When they start to seduce her and convince her to bring her husbands cock upstairs so they can share. Then have the wife agree, but say that they must please her first. Then after a little foreplay Keiran enters and it turns into a wild orgy. Of course I would pick three different girls because none of them were hot.. The scenario had potential, just not into this girl at all.

Comment #3

katie11 said: i'm sure i'll upset some fans, but i absolutely love watching kerian fuck!!! he is hot, has a big dick, fucks with high intensity and delivers very nice cumshots (what else can you ask for). i understand you can wear a record out so maybe the answer to the problem is more of ramon, johnny, tommy, cheyene, and big ben!!! i would be perfectly fine with kerian, ramon, & johnny with being the only guys for brazzers becuase they all have very nice bodies. however i will be pissed if we have to see more of alce "two shot" knight, barry scott, or barrett blade!!! the alexis and kerian scene was very nice. i love watching kerian fuck in rc because it shows off his dick and the choking was fine with me. alexis you are a latino beauty and girl you look great. very nice facial from alexis (would have like to have seen some sucking & licking of kerian's hot dick after the cumshot) and alexis provided some great oral action between positions. would have rather seen alexis and her friend share kerian together but overall very nice scene. very nice eye candy from kerian and alexis!!!

Comment #4

70008 said: Brazz, your dealing with the public, and I don't know of any man who fuck his woman with the piledriver, on a first time basci, and why couldn't you let her fuck on the floor in the same position but with her legs wraped around his bck, because we all fuck with our lady on their BACKS, it is our way don't take our fanstasy away from us.And why must K choke her? I know there are some freaks out there but have you ever been choke bitten or slap while fucking?And if this is reality then make the diaolouge reality.

Comment #5

IAmTheLaw1 said: Am I the only one getting tired of Brazzers putting so much focus on the guys? When I watch porn, I want to pay as little attention to him as possible. I don't want to hear him talk, and I'm tired of these ridiculous scenarios where it takes five minutes of dialog to get to any action. I think that the new focus on big dicks just puts more attention on the guys. I really miss Jizz On My Jugs, Busty and Real, Bustyz, and Jugfuckers. Two years ago, I never knew the names of any of the male pornstars here, and I almost never saw their faces. Get back to the way you were before!

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