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Milfs Like It Big presents: Busty Mom takes home a huge dick that was thrown on the street

Scene Title: One Woman's Trash Is Another Milf's Treasure

Storyline: Criss' girlfriend dumped him saying that he was waste of big cock. Victoria Valentino saw and heard everything and she couldn't believe it. In her opinion, big cock and waste don't mix. So she offered Criss to go over her place to clean himself up but what she really wanted was to fuck his big cock until he'd cum all over her big tits.
Milf: Victoria Valentino
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What people are saying about: Victoria Valentino - One Woman's Trash Is Another Milf's Treasure milfslikeitbig scene

Comment #1

slidepicker said: I can't believe the rude comments made by some of you people. Boring, ugly. Are you out of your minds?It does'nt get any more smoking red hot than sexy Victoria in black lingere. I've still got a hard on.It's the best I've seen on this site. Too bad the movie dose'nt contain the best poses as in the stills. I could teach your photographers a thing or two. What I could do with her, lingere and a camera.90% of the shots on all your girls are wasted. Way too many shots clothed, laying down or sitting or totally nude.Plain fucking gets boring.Total nudity is boring. What's hot is standing, stripping, bending over, twisting, spreading,tits always look better hung out (like framing a picture), panties pulled down to just below the ass or pulled to the side, cumshots.The art is in the tease like a stripper.

Comment #2

Jack66 said: When Victoria pulls out his cock she has one erect nipple sticking out of her bra and I am stroking like an Olympic rower! I love Victoria worshipping his cock and keeps saying, "It's as big as my forearm!" Schwing!!! Victoria's sweet voice talking dirty has me ready to explode! Chris fucks the shit out of her with P2M in various positions and deposits a load all over her stomach and tits, sweet! Funny ending with Chris pimping himself!

Comment #3

Angelus4376 said: I love Victoria's body, her face and especially her tits but she's going to continue to bore, isn't she? This woman is the porno equivalent of a glass of warm milk; looks damn tasty but will ultimately and most assuredly put you to sleep. I'd love to meet the genius who put her together with Austin Kincaid for a Big Tits at School scene...those two nearly put me into a coma. Zzzzz.

Comment #4

blkmuscle415 said: Now Now to all Criss Strokes haters, the man, has a DICK! A TRUELY horse hung dick, for a white guy(he is mix with latin). He's the white version of Lexington Steele! And he would be forever famous. I still would love to see Criss Strokes fucking black women and would to see Victoria getting dicked down by black guy.

Comment #5

MissSnoogans! said: When Criss gets pushed out of the truck, she should have said " what's the point of having a big cock if you can't get it up?" Then Victoria swoops in for the rescue. She get him back to her place and tells him maybe it was her. She just didn't treat you right. So he relaxes with a bath and she feeds him grapes(nice touch Braz). Move on to the foreplay of him eating grapes between her boobs and her eating off his body. That bed is so fucking annoying with all that god damn noise. Which made the sex not enjoyable to watch. 1 dried up puss, Snoogans!

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