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Scene Title: Convincing The Groom

Storyline: Lisa Ann's Daughter was getting married to James but James was no where in sight. Lisa Ann decided to go look for him and she found him. Before welcoming him to the family, Lisa Ann wanted to try out what her daughter was going to have for the rest of her life. Not only did she make him miss the most important day of his life but she also made him cum all over over...
Milf: Lisa Ann
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What people are saying about: Lisa Ann - Convincing The Groom milfslikeitbig scene

Comment #1

piaoke said: Interestingly, they used the exact same room for everything with no attempt to make it look any different - both the initial meeting between the 3 women & the fucking scene starring James & Lisa Ann shot in the same room. Even the time on the walk clock was unchanged. Lisa Ann looked smoken hot in that red dress. He should have married her. Too bad James could only cum up with a paltry 2 drops, after all that fucking. They saved the best part to the end - the bride walking in. I was just waiting for that! Perhaps they could have built on the story by getting the bride to join in, instead of storming off in a huff.

Comment #2

Brockos said: I liked the cam work in this one. It wasn't only because of the close-ups. Can't describe it but the video quality(colors, brightness, etc.) was really good. The overall impression of that milfs like it big scene was good, too. James acted a little strange actually. Seemed a little autistic with all that whispering stuff. Well, at least better than talking too much or even talking too much shit. :) the only thing i don't like about this scene (and others too) are these "dramatic elements" i.e. when the brides comes in catches the two. I like to see a MILF fucking her daughter's boyfriend but i don't want to see her daughter catch her. :) But great Sex overall and quite convincing. => 8/10

Comment #3

Gino said: I thought the scene turned out great and Lisa Ann looked super hot...nice job Brazzers!!! I still would like to have the camera guy to pull back and give a wider angle view of the scene so we can see the porn stars entire body during the scene...thanks.

Comment #4

MissSnoogans! said: gino very nice script and Brazzers great job putting it together. I love how the setup went back and forth from the sex to the ceremony. Miss Lisa Ann stunning without a doubt in your red gown. I would rather have seen Johnny but I know he wouldn't have done the storyline better than James. The chemistry seemed to be lacking some. I enjoyed this scene very much. I'm glad that Brazzers listens to the members. The camera work could have been way better. Nice touch with that rock on Lisa Ann's finger too. 2 erect nips, Snoogans!

Comment #5

xjj8881 said: Ive got nothing against Milfs but there is a difference between a hot Milf and a bionic woman. Lisa Ann looks so ridiculously fake in every way. I have nothing against fake boobs but at least they have to look real enough for me to suspend my disbelief but her tits and face look like a surgeon went to town. I'm a realist, 99% of the women have fake tits on this site and that's fine because they at least look real to some degree but Lisa Ann just look like she went to a chop shop.

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