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Milfs Like It Big presents: Horny Milf gets fucked by her local representative big dick for a vote

Scene Title: Securing a Vote ( 278 ratings )

Storyline: Mr.Sins is on the campaign trail this morning. He's shaking hands, kissing babies and meeting with all the local folks. When he met with Miss. Tucci, a gorgeous blonde with a southern accent, is when his campaign trail got hotter!Miss. Tucci began to flirt with the gentleman and with her husband gone she invited him inside to taste her baked goodies. The flirting quickly became seduction and then Miss. Tucci had him really tasting her goodies!Mr. Sins had her cumming and squirting! He definitely got her vote in the bag.
Milf: Flower Tucci
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What people are saying about: Flower Tucci - Securing a Vote ( 278 ratings ) milfslikeitbig scene

Comment #1

BOYS_dela2 said: That scene was the BOMB !!! Flower Tucci is Smokin' Hot(I love that Girl).She has everythin'(Pretty Beautiful Face,Nice small Titties and a Bomb Big Ass). This is 1 of the Best Scene of the Brazzers Site: -The Set up is Good(in the Kitchen).Y'all should do more Scenes like that or like the 1 with Carmen Mccarthy(The Bed & the Couch are gettin' too Old). -The Postions were Great wiht Flower Dirty talks in that Southern Accent(So Sexy) and Johnny poundin' her really good.He's the best male performer of the Brazzers(keep up the good work Johnny). -The only bad thin' I can say about this Scene is not gettin' a Close View of Her squirtin'.Y'all should get more Girls that squirt.The cameraman was affraid to get wet. This Scene is a 10 and I hope to see more of Flower c'ause she's got only 4 Scenes in all of the Site.For a Girl her it's not right.

Comment #2

robb201 said: First off, I gotta admit, I never thought Flower would be able to pull off a good "southern" accent, but she proved me wrong. Her southern accent was hot, and she kept it up through the whole scene. This milfs like it big scene had everything to make it a great scene, but the camera work fucked that up. Although it's good to see someone actually closed the blinds for this scene, you didn't zoom in or bring the camera to her pussy when she was squirting!! I think there was only one time I saw anything come out of her when she squirted, and it was just some drops. Brazzers how do you not know how to film a squirter? That's something any amateur camera man in porn would know how to do. I've always loved Flower Tucci, and I want to see more of her. Johnny did a decent job, only problem I had with him in this scene was the fact that he kept pulling out too late when she was squirting. And the first time she squirted, he looked like he wasn't expecting it, and with Flower, you always have to be ready. 8/10

Comment #3

katie11 said: flower, johnny and you just performed the scene of the year. fucking, fucking, fucking, hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i was not a big fan of you in the past but the way you fucked johnny, you made every girl in america hate you (jealous). loved that accent of yours, ass to mouth sucking of johnny's rod, eyes open during the facial, sweet, sweet cleanup at the end of the facial and top all of that off....... hearing you say "i want to taste your sweet cum baby" fucking rocks. johnny every girl in america would love to taste your sweet cum and flower you have just the standard on how to fuck guys on this site and made every girls wish they could fuck johnny like you did, girl you rock. would love to see you pair up with some other brazzers girl and share johnny's cum together!!! 10 star scene all the way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Comment #4

funkdoc said: I have to say, this might be the most realistic milfs like it big scene I've ever watched from Brazzers. I' ve never been a fan of this chick, and she has seen slimmer days, but this was beautifully acted throughout, using her accent throughout all the dirt-talk. Big ups to Johnny - he doesn't have the best acting skills in porn, but he did a great job in his role too. Sex was white-hot with a funny ending.

Comment #5

Scotsman said: I have one word.......fant----ASS---tic !!! Been a huge fan of flower Tucci for god knows how many years. This scene got me off big time ! Incredible hot fucking. Flower is by far one of the top 5 in the industry for sure, maybe even the best for performance and effort. i luv her body proportion its so hot, those smallish titties and that huge big ass jiggling and she does it all.....hardcore, anal, squirting, deepthroating, you name it she does it. Incredible scene !! P.S. Anyone else think she put a bit more meat on ?. she always been a biggish girl but she looks bigger, not that its a bad thing

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