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Milfs Like It Big presents: Sara Jay fucks the thiefs big hard cock

Scene Title: Taking a Big Bite Out of Crime

Storyline: Ramon is posing as an exterminator when he comes to Sara Jay's house to solve a mite problem. After telling her to get out of the house because he's using strong chemicals, he heads for her jewelry case and starts filling his pockets. She catches him red handed but instead of calling the cops, she decides to take advantage of his huge attributes...
Milf: Sara Jay
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What people are saying about: Sara Jay - Taking a Big Bite Out of Crime milfslikeitbig scene

Comment #1

dunkmeister00017 said: Sara Jay is a goddess! She is hot as hell, and her tits, I could spend weeks on them. They are so unbelievable, I would love to slide my cock in between them. And then her ass! OMG, to have her riding me, grabbing and squeezing her ass as I pulled her onto me harder and deeper with her tits in my face....It doesn't get any better than that.

Comment #2

BiV_aka_funkdoc said: I read from another member that her body looks like it's straight out of a cartoon. That's the perfect way to describe Sarah Jay. Normally not my type in real-life, but her curves + performance always got me rock-solid. Usually she acts her role pretty well. but she was awful here, should have been more irate when finding out dude was stealing from her. Hot sex with some good 69, something we rarely see. I was going to tell you guys to tell Ramon to stfu cuz he sounds like Mumbles from "Dick Tracy" and it's annoying as hell, but now that he's with RK for a while, I guess we won't be seeing much of him anymore...

Comment #3

robb201 said: Not into Sara much at all. Big nose, bad teeth. Ramon is fucking annoying. Get rid of him. The camera has to catch the squirting on film if they're going to squirt. She looked like she squirted in cowgirl, but the camera was too far away to see shit. Then later in the scene she squirted and it was captured better. The scenario was decent, but wasn't executed that good. Overall, an average scene at best. 5/10.

Comment #4

High551 said: Sara J. is very hot and she has a very curve figure with a great front and behind. It one would like to have a good look of her when she moves her big nice butt around, this is not the scene. The dude is doing all the moves in his braindead bang, hammer, pound, slam mode. Top caveman from inner Mongolia. A lot around on these pages.

Comment #5

MissSnoogans! said: Ramon didn't waste anytime when it came to stealing. I like how this was done. She caught him so he needed to pay up. She demanded cock and got a big one. This milfs like it big scene was better than her last scene. Been alot of slippin out of the snapper with Sara Jay. Either she can still get wet or she has an echo down there. No more piledriver for her unless she tightens up. I think she wanted that squirt claw from the moment she knew who she was fucking. Did the scene with her by the pool get edited out? Snoogans!

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