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Scene Title: Cougar on the Hunt

Storyline: Sexy Cougar Julia Ann is real horny tonight and decides to go on the hunt for a young man. She not only wants a young man but she wants a young man with a big dick!She goes down to the local bar and all the men jaws drop as she enters!Thats when she realizes she won't have to try hard to catch her prey. Found her prey she did and there was nothing this young man could do except give her what she wanted was craving..a big,long cock!
Milf: Julia Ann
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What people are saying about: Julia Ann - Cougar on the Hunt milfslikeitbig scene

Comment #1

robertomalone said: Now this was what I call a really entertaining and sexy scene. Like others have mentioned, the wildlife documentary style voiceover was a brilliant touch (whoever did it sounds like he could really have worked on those shows), and the predatory female/helpless male victim theme was done really well. I though Keiran was just right as the 'victim', and as for Julia Ann, she is such a fine woman; a true legend, and as hot as hell. It would surely be the dream of a lot of men to be hunted down and devoured by that cougar. Brilliant!

Comment #2

qaesyan1 said: I always find it funny when peoples' comments are centered around completely bashing the male of the scene. Why are you worried about the male?? All of you morons who say shit like "omg this guy is a fag, fire him and get a REAL man" or anything similar...well, you're probably the fags and just afraid to come out of the closet. If you want to be concentrating on "Real men" gtfo of this site and stop posting your b.s.

Comment #3

BiV_aka_funkdoc said: I loved this scenario with the narration. Maybe it can be a recurring theme? I love Julia Ann and find her absolutely exquisite, but this wasn't as good as I was expecting. The sex seemed to be choppy and there wasn't much of a pace to it. Maybe because KL was almost about to bust every 5 minutes? lolol. In any case, I stil want more Julia Ann, and often.

Comment #4

BUFFDADDYDX said: Julia is great. Luv that ass. The position right before cowgirl was sexy as fuck. Normally I skip past the story and get to the fucking but this was actually good. My cock is wanted by the C.I.A. I was wondering if you can hide it for me. Classic! The narrator was hilarious.

Comment #5

MissSnoogans! said: Damn this story was awesome. It reminded me of the Tommy Gunn "Booty Hunter" scenes. Nice touch with the voyeur shot of her getting dressed. Hard not to drop your jaw in awe of her body. I'm starting to wonder about her effort though. The look on Keiran's face when the sex began, I thought he stuck his cock in honey. He seemed like he was ready to explode. I was so glad the pace picked up in doggy. I couldn't get into the soft and sensual stuff. The cradle into piledriver was well played Keiran. She even ended the scene hot. Snoogans!

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