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Milfs Like It Big presents: Busty Mom getting slammed by daughters boyfriend big dick

Scene Title: Appreciating the bigger thing in life

Storyline: Ms.Edward's daughter just broke up with her boyfriend Ralph. Ms.Edwards wondered why her daughter would break up with such a nice young man. Ralph told Ms.Edwards that her daughter didn't enjoy having sex with him because he's too big!When she heard that she had to see what her daughter was making a big fuss over. Once she laid her eyes on Ralph's big dick all other thoughts were gone and she wanted only one thing!Call it payback for Ralph but he didn't pass up the chance of fucking Ms.Edwards!...very well i might add.
Milf: Brandi Edwards
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What people are saying about: Brandi Edwards - Appreciating the bigger thing in life milfslikeitbig scene

Comment #1

LHWJYW2 said: I would love for Brazzers to start incorporating phone calls into the scenes. For instance, if the daughter called her while she was being fucked and talking with her on the phone for a little while while getting fucked by her ex-boyfriend. That's hot. It would also work for MILF and MGB scenes (getting a call from their husbands).

Comment #2

Angelus4376 said: Brandi Edwards has been turning in some of the best "mature"-themed scenes on the entire Brazzers network. Every single one she has been in thus far (Mommy Got Boobs and her previous appearance on Milfs Like It Big) have been phenomenal. She's easily one of the most alluring MILFs on the market and simply drips and oozes sass and sex appeal. May she grace us with her presence again VERY soon.

Comment #3

robb201 said: I was disappointed in this scene. I thought Brandi looked ugly in this scene and the scenario had potential, but wasn't scripted right. I liked her hair color and style better in her MGB scene on 12/3/2007. She appeared a bit skinny in this milfs like it big scene as well, I usually like girls with a bit of meat on them. Nonetheless, she is still a decent looking girl with the right look, but she didn't have it in this scene. The sex should have been rougher. 7/10.

Comment #4

funkdoc said: I would like to nominate Brandi Edwards most underrated Milf of the year. The noises and sounds she makes when she's getting fucked are so damn hot. You can definitely tell she enjoys dick. Yeah the storyline was already done, and with Brandi no less, but watching her fuck makes up for all of that. This girl really knows how to perform. Ralph really needs a tan, he's glows when the light reflects off him.

Comment #5

MissSnoogans! said: In this scene soon as I saw Brandi, I thought she could have passed for Lisa Ann in the face IMO. Any reason we can't see her do a BT@S or W? I wasn't impressed with the cheatin gf, Laker tix, or 18 yrs of little dick. Now I know what usagold means by putting down the hubby. It could have been used to liven this scene up some. Even putting down her daughter would have been sweet. Her deep throating that cock after she got into the sex was fire. A couple of spots where the editing was fucked up. Now that's a awesome facial that Brandi took. 2 erect nips, Snoogans

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