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Scene Title: A big deal

Storyline: Chris Strokes decided to sell his big house, so he hired Real State agent Brittany O'neil to help him sell it. When seeing the house Brittany was very impressed by the big pool, the big kitchen and the big rooms. And seeing all this big stuff around the house made this BIG COCK ADDICTED MILF want to have a BIG FAT COCK in her pussy!!! Luckily for her Chris was pretty big in the pants so he gave it to her big time!!!
Milf: Brittany Oneil
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What people are saying about: Brittany Oneil - A big deal milfslikeitbig scene

Comment #1

KUIsuTRA57 said: She has exceeded MILF and just landed face-first in the GERIATRIC zone. STOP letting these women think bubble breasts will stop the clock. Its like manually rolling back the odometer, you might have numbers that say one thing but the mileage only keeps adding up. RETIRE this heiffer...

Comment #2

stangodango said: This enormous lily white titted granny bitch has to go. She cannot fuck worth shit and is boring as hell to watch. BTW Yankee21325, she has the actors wear a condom because she doesn't an STD! Duuuhhhhhhhh. Especially, if she is fucking young guys that like to do anal. I would make them wear a condom too.

Comment #3

fferrans11 said: Yes, Britney O'Neil could lay off the makeup just a tad. But the fact is she does look like a milf and not an aging pornstar. Keep in mind that half of the pornstars on these milf websites are in their early 20s and dont slightly resemble a milf. Britney O'Neil is however is an actress who has a great deal of potential to arouse (at least a small group of acolytes) due to her exaggerated tan lines, large breasts, and genuine older woman persona but fails to do so because she does not act even remotely intersted in the majority of her scenes. She might as well be sleeping.

Comment #4

6bae7 said: I ended up being really turned on by this milfs like it big scene.In the beginning Chriss seemed to be confronted by just another fuck-job in porn and I couldn't help thinking that he had had too much sex lately or the obvious silicone attributes of his partner were just a tick too much to get any real animal arousal out of him.I even noticed that there were a couple of times where his cock was not so convincingly erect.Maybe it was due to the rubber he was wearing or maybe he was just suffering a (bit) from battle fatigue.Nevertheless somewhere after half-time clicked in, this once shy but incredibly built,huge hung stud was overcome with the situation at hand and began some real big dick dealing and dirty talking.His muscles flexing while he humped and pumped,his face distorting as his orgasm having found it's birth and struggled it's way up from the depths of his manhood,up through the distended centimeters of his raging cock to erupt and splatter all over Brittany's inflated breasts.And this part of the video was damned hot,reminding me just what it is about Criss that leaves me breathless and wanting everytime I have the oppurtunity to see him in action.

Comment #5

2dc0a said: What the hell is wrong with you guys? Brittany is freaking awesome!!! The dressing scene was very erotic...the concept of which the "modern" porn industry is all but ignoring except for the fetish sites and its apparently is lost on most "modern" porn viewers as well. Speaking of modern American porn: Don't you guys realize how much you've been programed by the "cheap and fast" production companies that basically produce the same porn vids over and over again? Not only do you drool over the crap they put out but you actually dislike anything that's slightly more sophisticated than the standard: Completely nude (except for that "sexy" thong ) 21 to 25 year old skinny bleach-blonde bimbo with fake tits, lips and shaved pussy, going through the standard fuck positions in the same standard settings with the same standard huge cock and same standard money shot at the end? At least thankfully they've gotten over the "spitting" in the girls face thing that was going on.

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