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Scene Title: Cheating Husband???

Storyline: Daphne was in shock when she opened her husbands suitcase to find underwear that weren't hers and a receipt for supper for two.She decided to invite Nick over, her husbands friend. After he consoled her Daphne wanted more, she just wanted a big cock in her mouth and pussy. Even after finding out the suitcase was the wrong one, she didn't stop pleasuring Nick... View Trailer
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Comment #1

Angelus4376 said: Daphne Rosen, with all her big fake body parts and various foreign injections, would have made a mint in the early '90s alongside the likes of Wendy Whoppers, Lisa Lipps and Tiffany Towers. Today, her larger-than-life ridiculously cartoonish body is an anomaly in a sea of all-natural, flat-chested teens. But like a car wreck, I can't look away. I still enjoy pale, cankle-having Daphne Rosen immensely and will watch anything she's in. She's dirty, she does it all and I rubbed out one to this scene just like I have to all the rest of her appearances here.

Comment #2

Interrobang said: I wholeheartedly concur with funkdoc and Madpenguin41: Why is Brazzers continually shortchanging us on tease sequences? Often, the directors of these milfs like it big scenes seem to be going out of their way to avoid displaying the anatomical charms of the beautiful women showcased herein. But isn't that the primary reason that men subscribe to this service -- to see almost supernaturally sexy women in all of their glory? When it comes to adult video, are men REALLY that interested in a storyline? Isn't that supposed to be the province of female porn connoisseurs (those few that exist)? And do Brazzers members REALLY care that much about the male performers? Shouldn't the focus be mainly on the fabulous women? That's why I subscribe to Brazzers -- for the babes. You're working with fantastic raw materials here, but way too often, the way that they're put to use simply doesn't do them justice. Keep the silly storylines if you feel it somehow enhances the scenes. But honestly: Would it kill you to add a little more T&A and a little more tease to the mix?

Comment #3

MilfsAr3nUno1 said: She very hot for a horse! You guys realize everything about this ugly bitch is fake, right? Tits, Ass, Lipo, Tummy tuck,...it all fake and I could go on forever. If no one believes me, do a seach on the net for her and try to find older pics or whatever. You'll especially notice how huge her ass magically got. Let's just say, theortically, she started working out and lost the belly and some weight, no matter how hard you work on your ass it will not get bigger. In fact the opposite, smaller but firmer. When they zoom in on her butt you can see "holes" a couple places on each cheek where they injected fat, silicon or whatever. I'm 99.9% sure I'm dead on about the ass being fake. Come on brazzers, admit it, since you have seen this girl, I mean horse, up close and personal.

Comment #4

usagold said: 1)The milfs like it big story line was great, wife fucking a dick much bigger that her husbands, and i loved when she talked about how big his dick is (thats why the site is called Milfs like it big) and how she can never do these things with her husband, unfortunatly, all that kinda talk stopped when the sex scene began 2)what would have made the scene even hotter is when the phone rang, it was her husband on the other end saying the airline called about the bag and could she go pick it up 3)the closing scene should have been the husband calling again asking if she picked up the bag yet, and her saying im just getting ready to clean up and leave

Comment #5

MissSnoogans! said: Where do I start? Did Daphne have a built in pad in her panties? That shit was gross. Who the fuck told Nick to shave his head? He looked like a gay musketeer. The setup and story was actually good though. She played the scene up very well but her voice was killing me. People have been requesting that the chicks talk about how small their hubby's cock is and how big it is in her hands. It ruined the fucking scene. She just went on and on. I have to disagree cause Nick does have a long dick. the titty fucking got way better when she got on the floor and at the end. The doggy was pretty sad and so was the angle position. Daphne ass looked like I walked on it with my golf spikes in cowgirl. 1 dried up puss, Snoogans!

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