Phoenix Marie,Carolyn Reese and Brooke Haven from Milfs Like It Big


Milfs Like It Big presents: Three sexy ass pornstars getting pounded by two big hard cocks

Scene Title: Big cock hungry wives

Storyline: Brooke and Phoenix love big cocks and they both say their husbands are big, VERY big. Carolyn has never had a big cock and she's curious about how it would be like to ride one. It was the perfect opportunity for these big cock hungry milfs to have a little party with their husbands big cocks and show Carolyn how it's done.
Milf: Phoenix Marie,Carolyn Reese and Brooke Haven
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Phoenix Marie,Carolyn Reese and Brooke Haven Milfs Like It Big HD Video Trailer

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What people are saying about: Phoenix Marie,Carolyn Reese and Brooke Haven - Big cock hungry wives milfslikeitbig scene

Comment #1

YungRedd713 said: I really liked this scene. Phoenix Marie is quickly becoming one of my favorites. Carolyn Reese is pretty damn hot as well, and I'd like to see some more of her. Brooke Haven is my list favorite of the three girls in this scene, but she's still far from ugly. Overall, this was a good scene. Ya'll need to get Carolyn Reese back again very soon.

Comment #2

robb201 said: The scenario was decent, Carolyn is my favorite of the three, Phoenix is second, Brooke is third. I don't think Brooke is that hot in the face, but she always produces a good milfs like it big scene, so I always watch them. Phoenix, although I'm not crazy about her, I still tune into her scenes nonetheless. She's a decent looking girl. Carolyn has aged a bit compared to how she looked in a Reality Kings scene that I have, but she's still sexy. The sex was decent, thought it could have been better. The guys, although they worked good together in the scene, both had weak loads. Overall, a pretty good scene. 8/10

Comment #3

katie11 said: brazzers what a fucking hot scene. amazing camera work and the cast lineup was outstanding. that scene will make you cream in your panies or cum in your pants. big dicks, hot chicks, what else could you ask for????? loved how the girls rotated from guy to guy and loved how the girls took on both guys one at at time to close out the scene before the triple facials. both guys dicks look great and jordan has the fatter dick for sure and delivered a great load but james was up there with him for sure. watching the girls take a triple facial was fucking amazing and them asking for them was even better and loved how the camerman did not close the scene out too early and let the girls play with each other for a few minutes. the girls mixed up the fucking positions rc, ds, cg, etc. and the guys fucked the hell out of them. kudoz to the girls, guys, camerman, and the writer of this scene. the only complaint and it's being picky, i know brooke haven would have been willing to be dp'd in her younger days and would have loved to have seen that. if that is the only complaint from this scene than brazzers you hit a grand slam. would love to see this setup again and bring on some new chicks but keep them big dicks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! oh yeah, caroyln, you looked fucking hot as hell and let's see more of you!!!!!!!!!!!!! 10 stars!!!!!!!!!

Comment #4

funkdoc said: I have no idea what everyone is bitching about. This milfs like it big scene had everything - MMF, GG, cuckold, dirt-talk, ass-shaking...there's probably a lot more I missed. I like the beginning with them outside, but GOD I hope Phoenix is not really considering fucking up those lips of hers. I like her voice, but that ghetto thing she was doing was obnoxious as all hell. And Phoenix, PLEASE return to your streak-color hair. You are gorgeous but the blonde isn't qorking for you. Brooke and Phoenix worked really well together with all the teasing and playing and talking to each other thru the first half of the sex, made for a really hot scene. Carolyn seemed to take a back seat and there wasn't much initiative from her, but it worked cuz she wasn't married to either of them in the scene. Brooke can bounce that ass, would like to see more of that. James - "his dick is bigger he's like 8 feet tall" lol. Straight fire Brazzers.

Comment #5

MissSnoogans! said: Alright decent setup but the story was way better. The girls rubbing lotion or oil on as they talk outside is hotter. I know the sex isn't laid out beforehand but in a case like this with several bodies. It really should be talked about. yes Phoenix is hot and I'm not talking about the city. When Brooke first jumped on for cowgirl. She blew me away. I'm really glad the camera work got better as the scene went. I thought the action was going to get better but it stayed at the same pace meaning with the ladies. Jordan has the bigger cock but James shot the better load. Side note: you know how people want Sienna West to go back to a red head. Please Phoenix I'm begging you to go back to your old hair style. 2 erect nips, Snoogans!

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