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Milfs Like It Big presents: Rachel Love fucking a big dick that doesnt fit in a small condom

Scene Title: Prescription for Pleasure

Storyline: Jordan visits the nearest clinic in hope to find a condom large enough to fit on his cock but when he tells the pharmacist, Rachel, she doesn't believe him. In order to prescribe him with the appropriate size she needs to see it first, but when she does she cant help but stick it down her throat and bounce all over it.
Milf: Rachel Love
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What people are saying about: Rachel Love - Prescription for Pleasure milfslikeitbig scene

Comment #1

Intercept69 said: Great cumshot. Nice to see the actress stroking and sucking the guy off instead of watching every guy beat for 5 min. before he can cum. Nice tittyfuck. I liked seeing Rachel suck his cock again and again. Rachel has a great body. Don't change a thing.

Comment #2

BiV_aka_funkdoc said: This was a good setup, even tho I am surprised it wasn't for DA. The acting leading into the sex was done really well. What was even hotter, is how her shirt came undone but the bra was left on. I dig the gradual tossing of the clothes as opposed to the clothes coming all the way off immediately. I am not familiar with Rachel's earlier work so I have no point of reference. Although she is bigger than what aI normally like, she has a really pretty face, some big cans and puts forth a solid performance, so no complaints here.

Comment #3

BigLRock19 said: The setup for this milfs like it big scene is a good one, her reaction to him, got real horny, after she saw it, that's a rare action from these pornstars today. That kind of acting keeps the fan interested, in knowing how the whole scene will end up. I continue to read, other members comments about how a talent is washed up, well Rachel isn't, some of the top stars today, aren't that good, they have the looks, Yes, adittude, hmm, talent, skills, yes for some, no for others. It's the same, all to very often. Even though I'm kinda young, 90's porn still rules, and Rachel being from that era, knows how to keep a fan entertained. Variety is always a good thing, your not feeling her, then don't watch, others might enjoy. Good scene, just wished he would have done her in better pos, and the skirt should have been tossed earlier. Funny little ending!

Comment #4

fartmen103 said: She needs a breast lift - She isn't ugly, but her tits are not that attractive, I love them real but bras can't work wonders. I also dislike Tan lines.

Comment #5

Angelus4376 said: Haven't been terribly impressed with Rachel since her "return" but maybe Jordan'll fuck something special outta her this time 'round.

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